Loosely Woven this Saturday March19

The local music group LOOSELY WOVEN, led by Wayne Richmond, will be giving a free community concert in Avalon Baptist Church (2 George St.) on Sunday 11th March at 4 pm.

Wayne Richmond, the leader of the group, is one of the Peninsula’s inspirational leaders in giving live music to the community. The group will include 21 instrumentalists and singers. Wayne and his musicians have been contributing to Amnesty’s great work for more than 23 years. Last year Wayne received an award from Amnesty International for his wonderful work! This concert will celebrate those 23 years of making music and helping human rights work. Some of the items will be very relevant.

Loosely Woven encourage audience participation in their concerts which are always lots of fun, and you can enjoy a musical treat and also support human rights by coming because voluntary donations will go to Amnesty International.
21 instrumentalists and singers will bring to Avalon their new concert, ’Fly Away’. This is a very special celebration of the group’s 23 year old past reliving some real gems!
The program includes a number of songs which address social injustice and other important issues. There are also some
well known songs made famous by The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Barnes, Wilson Pickett and Neil Young, and some really beautiful folk songs and a bit of fun with Tom Lehrer’s hilarious ‘The Irish Ballad’.

Instruments will include violins, flutes, saxophones, harp, clarinet, concertina, accordion, harmonium, recorder, melodica, guitars, keyboard and percussion.

Avalon Amnesty International group works for the rights of: refugees and asylum seekers; indigenous people, many victims of unjust treatment; those at risk of torture and execution; and to gain human rights for disadvantaged people all over the world. Avalon group have been working hard to change the prison incarceration of children as young as 10 years old. At the concert we will have petitions to sign.


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