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2 George St, Avalon Beach

We have been church community in beautiful Avalon for the past 60 years. We meet regularly to support each other as a community, to worship God, and to discover what it looks like to be an inclusive church in the community and for the community.

We welcome Dr. Sally and Jim Longley to our community of faith. They have a long and committed presence in this community and we feel very privileged to have them lead us, particularly in these difficult and uncertain times. Should you wish to partake by Zoom  please contact Sally at sallylongley07@gmail.com. Sally and Jim will be leading our services every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. More Info

In 2023 we commence a 12-week series on the Psalms, looking at three types of Psalms. First, we look at 4 Psalms of Orientation, for when our world is well-ordered, reliable and things are going great. Then 4 Psalms of Disorientation, for when we experience the brokenness of life and everything seems chaotic. And lastly, 4 Psalms of Reorientation when God’s grace fills us with thanks and wonder, and we can re-view our life and circumstances.

In parallel will be a series of Retreats and 5th Sunday Wild Church, “Through the Seasons: Being with God.” Here we will explore the changing nature of our relationship with God through the different seasons of life and of our life experiences.

For a detailed look at what is coming up More info here



It is with a heavy heart we would like everyone to know our dear Roy has gone to be with his creator and his beloved Pat. As a pillar of our church and active loving member he will be sorely missed.

The Taylor family and the church welcome you to join us in  celebrating  Roy’s life on

View the celebration of Roy’s life here


Easter Gatherings Avalon Baptist Peace Church 2022

Dying and Rising… This is not only Jesus’ experience, but also ours. And we experience this letting go and receiving, dying and rising, darkness and light throughout our journeys.
The Tenebrae service is a “service of shadows” – a meditation on readings from the journey of Jesus toward the cross. Through the service, candles are extinguished as Jesus gets closer to the crucifixion until the reading of the tomb where the last candle is extinguished, and we sit silently in darkness, with Jesus in the tomb. Join us as a group of Jesus disciples, drawing close to Jesus. Thursday evening 7pm – 8.15pm Creative Remembrance of the Last Supper followed by a Tenebrae Service Friday 9-9.45 The Depth of God’s Reach Sunday Sunrise Service 6.15am (meet in front of Avalon Beach Surf Club ) Sunday 10.30-12.00 Resurrection Celebration followed by potluck lunch (bring something to share)
You Have Room for Another One Here! ANY QUESTIONS: Contact Jim and Sally Longley 0423 474 002 All services are at the church except for the sunrise service. Avalon Baptist Peace Church 2 George St Avalon.
All welcome & embraced!

Thursday evening 7pm – 8.15pm    Creative Remembrance of the Last Supper followed by a Tenebrae Service

Friday 9-9.45      The Depth of God’s Reach

Sunday Sunrise Service 6.15am (meet in front of Avalon Beach Surf Club )

Sunday 10.30-12.00 Resurrection Celebration followed by potluck lunch (bring something to share)


Please also note we will have a special meditative service on the 5th Sunday of the months with 5 Sundays.

“Not Everything is Cancelled”

Not everything is cancelled…
Sun is not cancelled
Spring is not cancelled
Relationships are not cancelled
Love is not cancelled
Reading is not cancelled
Devotion is not cancelled
Music is not cancelled
Imagination is not cancelled
Kindness is not cancelled
Conversations are not cancelled
Hope is not cancelled
And God’s love for HIS people is never cancelled.


 May – October 2021

Avalon Baptist Program Oct 2021

Theme: developing a trellis                                           for our spiritual growth

Being a Disciple

For grapes to be fruitful they need a structure. For us to bear fruit, we too need helpful structures. We will look at some of these and see what we can put into practice, to avail ourselves of God’s work in us and through us.


* For further details please contact Sally on sallylongley07@gmail.com or 0423 474 002.

* Church building is opened Sunday at 10am, meeting commences at 10:30am. Zoom link is advised on the Friday beforehand.

* Wild Church is on 5th Sundays and meets away from the church building at a location advised at least the week before. These services do not have a Zoom link.

* Retreats are held at the church building with no Zoom. Please RSVP for provision of materials and catering.  retreats

*Bible Reflection Fellowship: Time: 2:30pm, Day: Wednesday, and Place: Church hall. Afternoon tea will be provided..  fellowship

* Jacaranda Group meets 2nd and 4th Sundays monthly in the Church at 10:30am, and also has a weekly Wednesday prayer meeting at 7pm. Contact Jeff Kendal 0447 475 791.

Pastors Sally Longley and Jim Longley will be leading the following services and activities

Avalon Baptist advent retreat 2020 NEW LIFE ARISES

A big shout out to Sally and Jim for a wonderful, enriching and meaningFULL time this morning. A time to stop and reflect during this busy time leading up to Christmas. It was particularly encouraging to see so many new faces from as far as Chatswood.

For more info on what is coming over the next few months at ABPMC check whats on