Chauka Please Tell Us The Time …. Film on Manus Island

FILM EVENT:    CHAUKA PLEASE TELL US THE TIME  –   filmed in Manus detention.

Amnesty  International  has said that the detention of Asylum Seekers is a form of torture, and certainly that is used to deter other refugees from attempting to come to Australia.   What is more this method is being adopted by other countries as a way to stop refugees seeking refuge.

Chauka Please Tell Us The Time”  is  filmed by Behrouz Boochani  a journalist who spent several years in Manus detention and watched men suicide in despair .  This film was taken there and shows us the hopelessness of life in detention where the men waited to hear the bird Chauka sing to know the days were passing- a symbol of despair to the imprisoned men, where it was the name of the solitary confinement unit.     At the same time the Chauka is  a symbol of beauty to the people of Manus.

This amazing film taken in detention shows the despair and sadness, but the film-maker wants to show that refugees are human beings, that they deserve better treatment, and that their suffering is destroying them.

Come to Avalon Baptist Church  2 George St. on Sunday 1st July at 5pm.  Free entry but voluntary donations to Amnesty are welcome.  Free supper.                We   are hoping to have a Q & A with a representative from Amnesty International.

Note that Australia at present has 1600 adults and 140 children in various detention centres!