Loosely Woven…… “Burn” 31st July 2016



4 pm Sunday 31st July-  at Avalon Baptist Church  2  George St.

Fund raiser for Amnesty International Avalon Group

Reviewer Paul Cruise says about Loosely Woven Concerts “There’s one sure thing about a Loosely Woven performance: fun will be had” 

 On  Sunday  31st July  local music group Loosely Woven – led by charismatic Wayne Richmond – will perform their new concert  ‘BURN”  at  4 pm at  AVALON BAPTIST CHURCH.  This will be a free,  light-hearted, acoustic concert  and features 24 musicians and singers.

 The program will include the usual wide variety of items including Si Kahn’s powerful song ‘What you do with what you’ve got’ and some classics such as:

  • Let it be (beautiful ‘Mary Black’ version)
  • Throw your arms around me (Hunters & Collectors)
  • My heart will go on (from ‘Titanic’)
  • Your feet’s too big (Fats Waller)
  • Ma bella Marguerite (from ‘Bless the Bride’)
  • Naughty (from ‘Matilda’)

a few Australian songs:

  • Portugal Beach (Tony Eardley)
  • The Old Time Country Show (Pat Drummond)
  • Shackleton (Paul Jarmon)

a few ‘rock’ favourites:

  • Fernando (ABBA)
  • The Loco-motion (Little Eva)
  • Chicken Fried (Zac Brown Band)


and lots more!     Instruments this time will include violins, flutes, harps, clarinets, saxophones, concertinas, accordion, glockenspiel, guitars, mandolin, keyboard and percussion.


Avalon Baptist Church  co-sponsors this concert with Avalon Amnesty International Group.

You can enjoy a musical treat and  also support human rights by coming.  The concert is free and there is always a scrumptious free  supper.

Voluntary donations will go to Amnesty International and help people around the world suffering human rights abuse.

Avalon Amnesty International group is at present working on several campaigns. One is “Community is Everything” which is to find support for Indigenous young people at risk of suicide or imprisonment.   We also send letters and try to help innocent  people who face huge injustice including  torture , discrimination, violence, imprisonment and death.

Free Concert:   “BURN”  (Loosely Woven)

Free Afternoon tea

Date: 31st July @  4  p.m. 

Place:    Avalon Baptist Church –   2 George St.

Voluntary Donations:  Avalon Amnesty International Group

Information: Kath Moody 99971815       kath_moody@hotmail.com   https://avalonbaptistchurch.net/  http://www.amnesty.org.au/  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=avalon%20group%20amnesty