Loosely Woven presents “Home”



FREE  CONCERT  in AVALON   –     SUNDAY   6th  AUG.   4 p.m.



The  local music group  “LOOSELY WOVEN”, led by Wayne Richmond,  will be giving a free community concert in  Avalon Baptist Church (2 George St.) on  Sunday  6th Aug at  4  p.m

Wayne Richmond, the leader of the group, is one of the Peninsula’s inspirational leaders in giving live music  to the community .    Wayne and his musicians have been contributing to Amnesty’s great work for more than 20 years and helping those who suffer injustice ,unfair imprisonment , torture, execution and other human rights abuse.


  • GOING HOME is named from the opening song from Dvorak’s New World Symphony.
  • Most of us are human rights supporters and will love to hear  Australian singer Sissy Higgins’ heart-rending song ‘Oh Canada’ written in response to the  tragedy of Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi whose 3 year old body was washed up on a Turkish beach after he and his family attempted to reach a Greek island on their way to Canada.  Graham Moore’s song ‘New Frontier’ celebrates all those who struggle to build a better world.  ‘Anchor Me’ is a New Zealand song adapted by Greenpeace to commemorate the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in 1985.    Great songs for a human rights concert!


  • Amongst the performers this time is a young man from Tanzania who has taught the group two of his own songs.

It was nice meeting you

The Wind

  • Additional Australian songs include:

Small Things (The Audreys)

Down City Streets (Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter)

Rayya’s Lament (Ian Ross Williams – brother of Loosely Woven performer Meredith Williams)



  • Well known items will include:

All I ever need is you (Sonny & Cher)

Bei Mir Bist Shein (Israel)

Bright Side of the Road (Van Morrison)

Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack)


The Rose (Bette Midler)

Black Velvet Band (fabulous arrangement of a well known folk song)

Leaving on a jet plane

  • Instruments this time will include flutes, saxophones, clarinets, trumpet, recorders, harp, concertina, melodicas, glockenspiel, xylophone, guitars, keyboard and percussion

Some comments on previous concerts from reviewer Paul Cruise:

“Loosely Woven again demonstrated their uncanny ability to encompass the gamut of human experience in a single performance.

Leader Wayne Richmond and his talented crew took their audience to many places – some enchanting, some disturbing, some hilarious, some mournful; I felt I’d been given a grand tour of my own heart. What more could you ask of a night out? “* .


Loosely Woven encourage audience participation in their concerts which are always lots of fun,and  you can enjoy a musical treat and  also support  human rights by coming  because voluntary donations will go to Amnesty International


Avalon Amnesty International group works for the rights of:-

refugees and asylum seekers; indigenous people,  many victims of unjust treatment;  those at risk of torture and execution;and  to gain human rights for  disadvantaged people all over the world.

We will have a table with information and petitions

Free Concert:   “GOING  HOME”  (Loosely Woven)

Free:   afternoon tea

Date:   Sunday   6th Aug.   4p.m. 

Place:    Avalon Baptist Church –   2 George St.

Voluntary Donations:  Avalon Amnesty International Group

Information: Kath Moody kath_moody@hotmail.com  0417069472 / 99971815   (looselywoven.org)