Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Film Night 5pm , 16th June 2013

Report on the film night by Kath Moody

                     “ BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA.”

                         Very moving and very motivating   for  Refugee Week!

The members of Avalon Baptist Church, and Avalon group of Amnesty  International , were pleased to show this film to the people in Pittwater area.  We   were anxious to cut through the political clichés and prejudice and  to give others the chance to get to know the people forced to flee because of  horrendous treatment, despair and tragedy.

In sharing Jessica Taylor’s journey to meet asylum seekers we got to know some of those stranded without help in Indonesia – and there, as in other countries in the region, there is no official policy to accept or help refugees.  This is a very beautiful and heart-rending film and many of the audience were moved to tears, and to offer help for those in detention.

Leanne Davidson from Amnesty was our speaker. Leanne has a Masters Degree from Glasgow University in International Law, and is a case worker in the AIA Refugee team. She spoke from the heart about Amnesty’s work in supporting the human rights of refugees, and the protests that Amnesty has made about the  detention of refugees.    She also made the point that over 90% of these   Asylum Seekers are genuine refugees.

We had a very intelligent and compassionate audience of over 70 people who asked   Leanne for  extra information and who were keen to sign the petitions presented by Avalon group, on the rights of  Asylum Seekers, and  also of Afghan women.

This was the sixth film on human rights we have shown in co-operation with the Avalon Baptist Church.   The audience was enthusiastic and generous and gave voluntary donations to aid Amnesty’s work.    The free supper of soup and rolls supplied  was much enjoyed.

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behind bars

Screening at our Church in  REFUGEE WEEK

Award winning film


Speaker  Q  &  A/ discussion

What turns someone into a “ boat person” ?

Those who saw the April “ 4 corners “ program about the horrors of Manus Is. Detention centre  might   feel concerned about whether  the seekers of refuge from the war torn world are being met with compassion or further cruelty.

The  award winning film made  by barrister Jessica Taylor  “BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA’ about her trip to Indonesia to meet and get to know Asylum Seekers, has not been  shown on television despite the fact that it is educational, interesting, beautiful and very moving.  Why not?   Jessica herself was so moved  that she adopted a young boy she met on that trip.

We also get to know Zainab and her family. When she was 9, Zainab’s  parents made the heart-breaking decision to leave their home in northern Afghanistan.   They  set out on a journey across the globe, putting the fate of their family into the hands of strangers. Across borders, behind bars and into a smuggler’s boat the family chased freedom.

Jessie Taylor met with 250 asylum seekers in jails, detention, hostels. The stories are told in the words of the seekers.  What pushes people to leave home? Why do they become a “boat person”  And  what is their fate?

You  will come to understand why “these people” are fleeing their homelands,   why it is impossible to stay in countries they pass through – what dangers and horrors they endure, and above all how much humanity is the same everywhere.

If you see this film you will feel  “there ,but for the grace of God ,go I” –   they show love ,kindness, courage, determination.     How far would you travel to find safety for  yourself and family?

This  is an opportunity to see and be moved by a powerful film.   There will be an expert speaker from Amnesty International   and  a  Q  and . A   session after the documentary.  You will be encouraged to give an opinion!

Event:    Film Screening  “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”

               Discussion/ Speaker:  Q  &  A

Place:    Avalon  Baptist Peace Church    2  George St.

Date and Time:    Sunday  16th June    5   p.m.

Free Enty/ Free  Supper

Donations to  Avalon Group of  Amnesty International Australia

Info:   Kath Moody  9918 2502     / Jessica Taylor Fleeing family poster

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