Excellent Loosley Woven Concert Aug 4th



some hotly contested issues were canvassed with larrikin humour and true reverence – that is, in typical Loosely Woven style”

Sonia’s lovely ‘Bogong Ranges’ stole my breath away”


These quotes from the following review by  Paul Cruise give us the essence of “NEVER FORGET YOU”    the new  concert  given in Avalon  on the 4th August by Loosely Woven musicians led by Wayne Richmond.   The concert raised over $600  for  Avalon Group of Amnesty International.

An enthusiastic  audience of over 80 were enthralled by the music, and were also  supportive of the Avalon Amnesty Group’s  petitions  on behalf of  prisoners of conscience  in Iraq and Bahrain.

Many  commented  also  on the great  refreshments provided by Avalon Baptist Church  and the AIA Group.

Review    (Paul Cruise)

* I’ve come to expect a range of emotions to move me during a Loosely Woven concert. Tonight I was more impressed by the sheer skill and talent of these performers. “Never Forget You”, a programme dedicated to the late Denis Kevans, was a slight departure from the group’s customary palette of widely varied material but the local theme served them well. Indeed, with his musical partner Sonia Bennett leading the charge, this tribute to our own ‘Poet Lorikeet’ just couldn’t miss. It was a sublime experience. The emphasis on original songs by Denis, Sonia and others, plus a couple from Henry Lawson, shone a spotlight on contemporary Australia without sentimentalism or bravado. From coal seam gas to the plight of the Great Barrier Reef and hunting in National Parks, some hotly contested issues were canvassed with larrikin humour and true reverence – that is, in typical Loosely Woven style.


                       Ah, yes, the performers!  A very strong, tight chorus ably complemented Sonia’s leads and splendid guitar work – her lovely ‘Bogong Ranges’ stole my breath away. Bee Higgins’s warm clarinets and Cathy Kirk’s trumpet interjections deepened the sonic texture, while some fine arrangements allowed harp and xylophone to shine in the hands of Noni Dickson and Meredith Williams. Even maestro Wayne Richmond’s concertinas got a look in, as did the blues! So the usual mad mixture was there after all, in the execution as much as the instrumentation. It’s the nature of what they do, and it’s getting better all the time ( as Sir Paul McCartney might say )!


Avalon Amnesty Group wish to thank Avalon Baptist Church for their generous support  in hosting  Loosely Woven concerts and for the help they thus give Amnesty in the mission of promoting global peace and justice.

We also give heartfelt thanks to  Wayne and Loosely Woven  for their great music, and for their continuing work in raising money to help those who suffer injustice around the world.      fun with LW Gerd  gets signatures Sonia Bennet and LW Wayne hunts in National Parks

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