Loosely Woven Concert Coming 5th May


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to   bring  joy  and also to help others


Avalon Group of  Amnesty International



Led by charismatic and talented Wayne Richmond, this acoustic group will give the community a feast of music  at the  5th May  concert  in  Avalon.   This  is the  first  new concert  for 2013  and is called “Chimes of   Freedom”   after the song and album released by Bob Dylan last year  honouring 50 years of Amnesty International’s work.


This  concert  will  raise your spirits, and  arouse your emotions, and provoke your thoughts!   Always an eclectic mix, the program includes  some great songs about justice  as well as  light hearted songs


 Hear these great songs:


  • an original song called ‘Life’s Savings’ which angrily addresses the shameful way we treat people seeking          refuge in our country,
  • Eric Bogle’s powerful anti-war song ‘All the fine young men’,
  • Kavisha Mazzella’s ‘Love & Justice’ anthem,
  • Alistair Hulett’s song ‘Destitution Road’ about the plight of the Scottish poor and
  • Chris Wheeler’s song ‘Woomera’ bemoaning the fate of Australia’s original inhabitants.

Light – hearted songs  are always included :

  • Linda Rondstadt’s ‘When will I be loved?’, ‘
  • I will follow him’ from Sister Act, ‘
  • Button up your overcoat’,
  • John Farnham’s ‘You’re the voice’ and
  • a beautiful arrangement of The Beatles’ song ‘Blackbird’.


Instruments this time will include flutes, harp, clarinets, saxophones, recorders, violin, guitars, mandolin, concertinas, accordion, keyboard and percussion.


These musicians believe music should be free, but they are also about helping others.  They are famous in this area for the generosity with which they raise money for Amnesty International at this venue and at their own venue Humph Hall.. Voluntary donations at this concert will go to help Avalon Group of Amnesty International in its work on various campaigns – Women’s Rights, Refugee issues, Indigenous Rights, Prisoners of Conscience, and against Child trafficking and executions.


There will be petitions to sign for those who wish to do so.


Afternoon tea is also free!


Place:   Avalon Baptist Church   2 George St.

Time:  4 p.m.

Day:  Sunday  5th MAY

Donations:  Avalon Group of  Amnesty Int.Aust.

Info:   Kath Moody   9918 2502


(Sec. Avalon Amnesty International )

(Social Justice Co-ordinator   Avalon Baptist Church)


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