Loosely Woven “One Voice” Report and photos Kath Moody

“If you can walk you can dance    

                                      If you can talk you can sing”

Loosely Woven Concert:  “ONE VOICE”   in aid of Amnesty International

These words from a song by Bruce Watson  express the philosophy of Wayne Richmond and his troupe and the way they encourage others to get joy from music.   They  certainly had the audience  dancing and singing at the concert given in Avalon  at the Baptist Church last Sunday evening. Aspiring musicians and singers are always given encouragement by Loosely Woven.

It was a great night and the enthusiastic performers spread  happiness and delight as well as stirring our feelings.   The title song  “One Voice” could be a theme for those who  work for  Amnesty – joining together to ask for justice for those who suffer rights abuse around the world.

We loved the Judy Small song “You Don’t Speak for Me” , and  Wayne’s arrangement of I’m Gonna Be (walk500 miles) by the Reids bought lots of applause and memories. Many other great songs were featured as well.

Avalon Baptist Church and Avalon Amnesty group provided a great supper and  many people signed a petition to the Burmese Government asking for the release of more prisoners of conscience.

Thank you Wayne – Thank you Loosely Woven musicians –  the concert hit the jackpot! 

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