Loosely Woven – Spanish Lady 2nd Aug 15

Loosely Woven:


Musos play for Amnesty

New  concert in Avalon:



Wayne Richmond the leader of Loosely Woven is one of the Peninsula’s inspirational leaders in giving live music to the community. In this brand new concert  26 musicians play many and varied Instruments.. Ït is always lots of fun for young and old.


It will be a free, light-hearted, folky, acoustic concert/cabaret  which will close  with a spectacular arrangement of the title song.


This concert Includes  the usual eclectic mix including some classics : –

from  Neil Young, Joan Baez, to Beethoven!  ALSO  some Australian songs eg The Shearer’s Lament, some rock favourites, and some fun songs.


You can enjoy a musical treat and  also support human rights by coming .

The concert is free and so is the supper but those  who wish may donate to the work of Amnesty International in its efforts to help people around the world suffering human rights abuse.

Avalon Amnesty International group is at present working on several campaigns – for  Refugees; for  Indigenous people; against the Death Penalty; for  prisoners of conscience. There will be information about campaigns and petitions to sign at the concert.


DATE:  Sunday 2nd August

TIME:  4  pm-7 pm

PLACE:  Avalon Baptist Church    2 George St. Avalon

Free entry/ free supper

Voluntary Donations to Avalon Group of Amnesty International


Information: Kath Moody 99971815     kath_moody@hotmail.com    https://avalonbaptistchurch.net/



  • The one I love is gone (Joan Baez)
  • After the gold rush (Neil Young)
  • Beethoven’s 7th Symphony (Allegretto)

a few Australian songs:

  • The Rain Song (The Mae Trio)
  • The Shearer’s Lament
  • Voices in your head (original song by Greg Thompson)

a few ‘rock’ favourites:

  • Rubber Ball
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Everybody’s Talkin’

and a number of ‘fun’ songs:

  • The Cat’s Duet (Rossini)
  • Lydia the tattooed lady (Groucho Marx)
  • Always a bridesmaid

Instruments this time will include violins, flutes, harps, clarinets, concertinas, accordion, glockenspiel, guitars, mandolin, keyboard and percussion.

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