40 Hour Famine .. unite with Pittwater Churches


Dear  Church  family  and   friends  of   Avalon Baptist

For  a few weeks we have discussed helping those in the world who suffer hunger and starvation.    It seemed a good idea to join with other churches   in Pittwater  to  raise some money for World Vision’s  40 hour famine.

This “ Pittwater Famine Village” is being co-ordinated by Mark Corbett-Jones, Director of Ministries at  St. John’s Anglican Church in Mona Vale.   The aim is to raise  $100,000  through the efforts of  Pittwater community to help the hungry people of  Malawi.

The  40  hour famine  will be held  from 16th to the 18th of August. So far 12 churches in Pittwater are involved.

Our church is small in number, but even a  small donation would help.   For example  $40  will feed a family of  6  for a month.   Even  a donation as small as  $2  would help and is acceptable.

There is no need to think of this action as being only for teenagers.  Also It  is not essential to fast for 40 hours, unless you want to do so to identify with the hungry.   Some other suggestions are attached.   Another option is simply to donate a few dollars to add to our contribution.

If you can persuade family or friends to donate also, that would be wonderful. Small amounts will add up.  Or businesses where you are a known customer might like to donate, or even just support the famine by putting up a poster.   (see example)

Here is the website address and you can  donate direct  by credit card or  bpay  as an individual  donor in support of our church effort


or you can donate to support/ sponsor one of our team   and enter your donation under that person’s  efforts. 

So far 4 of our congregation have offered to join the team and  try to raise some  contributions:


username is : markhurst
Famine ID is : 2013006694
BPAY number is : 20130066945


Team so far :Richard,  Mary,  Lucy,  and  Kath.       Richard will also be  involved with Pittwater High School’s contribution .

Kath’s URL   http://40hf.com.au/KathleenMoody

username is : kathmoody
Famine ID is : 2013013734
BPAY number is : 20130137340


It would be so encouraging if MORE of our church family or friends joined the Avalon Baptist team (you can do that on the website).   Please let me  (Kath) know if you are joining the team .   Donations can be made online and receipts are issued.

Your supporters can donate online, or give you cash or cheque.  It is OK to turn that cash into an online donation by using your bpay or your credit card.

However  we will also collect cash donations into a total amount and bank them at the end of the period.

If you decide to join the team  let  me (Kath) know and I will give you a WV receipt book (so that you can give donors receipts for cash )  The  famine ID numbers are needed on the receipts, yours ( if you register as part of the team), or  that of the team leader  (Mark) or the team member you are supporting.

I will let you know the ID and Bpay numbers of other members of the team soon.


love and blessings   from  Kath

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