Membership Forms

18 May 2012

Dear Member of theAvalonBaptistPeaceMemorialChurch,

Shalom. We have recently received a rather large invoice from the Baptist Union requesting our affiliation fees. As we are affiliated with the Union of Baptist Churches in NSW we are required to contribute our part to the running costs of thisUnion. These affiliation fees are directly linked to the number of members attending the church.

We are therefore updating our details and have attached a form which will help us determine what we owe the Union. We would request you fill in the form as soon as reasonably possible by email or snail-mail.

We are very aware that there are many who would like to remain members but are unable to attend regularly for one reason or the other. In order to accommodate all we are proposing 2 types of membership.

1: Membership that includes all those that are committed to contributing to the church on a weekly basis and attending when possible.

2: Associate Membership which includes those  who wish to remain affiliated with the church , receive our email, be part of our Church Blog but who can’t physically be present with us.

If we have not heard from you by mail or email by December 23rd we will assume you are happy to be on the associate members list.

Thankyou for your continued journey of faith with us and we look forward to hearing from you,

With kind regards on behalf of the Church,

Martin Lange (Church Secretary)

Membership Form

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