Loosely Woven Concert DREAMS on 31st August Report


Thanks   LOOSELY  WOVEN  for  “DREAMS’ !

A   very enthusiastic  audience of nearly 100 applauded  the  new concert  from  “ Loosely Woven” which was  performed by 26 musicians and singers  at  Avalon Baptist Peace Church last  Sunday  (31st Aug.).  “DREAMS”  was a great hit with the audience  who insisted on several encores.

This quote from the review by Paul Cruise suggests the power of these music makers

once again our humble band of minstrels was able to loosely weave for us a vision of something greater – to ‘turn the world around’. 

Review   (Paul Cruise)

‘Dreams’, proclaimed the banner for Loosely Woven’s latest production so I came to the show expecting some light, ethereal diversion. I should have known better – beneath this group’s musical merriment beats a lion’s heart of down-to-earth social convictions – an awareness of ‘the passion and the power and the hope and the grace … written in the lines of the average face’ as the title song declared. They manage to address deep, universal issues on a personal scale while never failing to entertain.

Though missing a few threads due to illness, the ensemble gave a warm and spirited performance, featuring many new pieces while revising old favourites and tackling a hallowed classic in ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. I felt the programme was infused with a tinge of melancholy ( apt for these tense times and the ‘dreams’ theme ) that lent pathos to emotive numbers like Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ and Neil Finn’s ‘Fall At Your Feet’, which enjoyed sensitive readings by Jeannette Lawrence and Greg Thompson respectively. Samantha O’Brien ( flute ) and Noni Dickson ( harp ) came into their own as vocalists and Meredith Williams spoke to and for all of us with Nana Mouskouri’s plaintive ‘Mamma’.

The instrumental engine room provided plenty of steam – Bee Higgins ( clarinets ) and Fiona Munro ( violin ) earned kudos here with their sweet, lyrical tones – but the voices drove this train. The choral section just blooms with each outing and David Wilson’s lead tenor rang gospel-true. The fragile, human element is the major strength of this largely amateur troupe, allowing them to spin the dirt of common sorrows into audible gold. ‘Dreams’ thus amounted to much more than reverie : once again our humble band of minstrels was able to loosely weave for us a vision of something greater – to ‘turn the world around’. 

Avalon Amnesty Group  thanks Wayne and the musicians for their dedication to helping Amnesty work for human rights around the world.  Many petitions were signed in support of a  young girl who has been tortured in the Philippines,  and generous donations were made to Amnesty.


Thanks  also  Avalon Baptist Peace Church for hosting the concert and providing a delicious free afternoon tea.   The Church is so generous in supporting human rights work in the mission of peace and justice .Special thanks to Rev. Mary Hurst for the huge amount of work she does in organising and serving delicious refreshments to the audience, as well as cleaning and organising the space afterwards.

Watch for  news of our next concert  on  December 7th.

Kath Moody     (Sec.  Avalon Amnesty Group/Social Justice Co-ordinator Avalon Baptist Church)
Loosely Woven -Dreams Sarah was terrific signing petitions against torture





COMING SOON –     at our   Church



“LOOSELY WOVEN” Free Concert

Fundraiser for Amnesty International 

Sunday 31st Aug at 4 p.m

“DREAMS” will be a folky, light-hearted acoustic concert performed by 26 musicians and singers. Instruments include violins, viola, cello, flutes, harps, glockenspiel, guitars, mandolin, concertina, melodeon, keyboard and percussion.

The programme will be the usual eclectic mix: much loved songs, old songs, new songs,Australian songs, and unusual and beautiful songs to lift your spirits,

  • ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’, from Evita
  • Simon & Garfunkel’s iconic ‘Bridge over trouble water’
  • the hilarious Flanders & Swann classic, ‘Hippopotamus Song’
  • George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’
  • Crowded House’s song ‘Fall at your feet’
  • the Queen song ‘Somebody to Love’
  • the Electric Light Orchestra’s hit, ‘Rockaria’
  • ’Turn the world around’, Harry Belafonte’s song of rebirth
  • ‘Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears’, the song made famous by the Irish Tenors celebrating the ’New World’
  • ’Sit down you’re rocking the boat’ (from ‘Guys & Dolls’) 

As well as a number of lesser known songs including: 

  • ‘Wollemi Pine’, a beautiful Tom Bridges a cappella arrangement of the famous Denis Kevans/Sonia Bennett song
  • Nana Mouskouri’s ‘Mamma’
  • Sarah McLachlan’s beautiful song ‘Angel’
  • Pat Drummond’s ‘Dreams’

And many more.

You can enjoy a musical treat and also support human rights by coming .

Loosely Woven concerts are always lots of fun.

FREE CONCERT/FREE AFTERNOON TEA, but voluntary donations will go to Amnesty International to help people around the world suffering human rights abuse

(note for church members – we would love some delicious contributions for the afternoon tea!)

Avalon Amnesty International group is at present working on procuring rights for:-

refugees and asylum seekers;for indigenous people; for many individuals at risk of unjust treatment; for those at risk of torture and execution;and working to gain human rights for disadvantaged people all over the world.

We will have a table with information and petitions for signature at the concert.


Free Concert:   “DREAMS” (Loosely Woven)

Free:   afternoon tea

Date:   Sunday   31st Aug.   4p.m.

Place:   Avalon Baptist Church –   2 George St.

Voluntary Donations: Avalon Amnesty International Group

Information: Kath Moody kath_moody@hotmail.com 0417069472   (looselywoven.org

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