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Discussion on what we do and where we’re going as a faith community,

Here is what we came up with:
Welfare Industry
Loosely Woven Concerts
Keep the place functioning
Art Classes
Craft Night
Sunday School
Surf Life Saving
Open Church to other uses ie: band practice
Call and Connect to others
Weddings, funerals, baby dedications, celebrations
What do we dream about doing in the future?
• Youth-Chaplain for youth, work with Point Zero, Barbeque at Skate Park
• Movie night to raise awareness of justice issues – 5th Sunday of 5 Sunday months
• Community Garden – Richard and Mary
• Special Guest speakers
• Art and Spirituality workshops
Practical Start:
. Prepare space to explain who we are
. Back wall- children, Sandy and Robyn
. Photo of Congregation- use the one from Micah and Carla’s goodbye gathering
. Poster with info about who we are statement
. Drawings by children
. Posters about issues with which we are involved: refugees, environment, justice, peace, etc.
Brochure (for visitors, Relationship Australia, and others) – Lucy, Daph, Mary (computer program)
. Website- Martin
. New safe, play equipment/ play area
Ideas/Plans For The Future from Mark’s sermon
• Film Night – 5th Sundays; raise social issues, invite the public, soup and bread
• Website/Blog – announcements, info from Sunday worship, info about the church, etc.
• Event with Mark Bin Bakar/Mary G – link with Aboriginal support group
• Partner with UNOH community – invite to Mary G event
• Start a community garden
• New Brochure describing ABPMC


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