Two Sided Story – Film night 28th Sept 5pm



           Q  &  A   Speaker: 

 Arda Arghazarian  arda

In Australia as a guest of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical

Network and World Vision Australia



Award winning film: Grieving Palestinians & Israelis work for peace:  A  story to touch the heart and change minds

Screening at Avalon Baptist Peace Memorial Church

Here is your chance to find some hope in the terrible conflict in Palestine and Israel. This    film follows a group of bereaved Palestinians and Israelis as they meet, cry, talk, listen and   attempt to acknowledge the narrative of the other.  The film is a joint Israeli/Palestinian production directed by Emmy award winner BEN TOR .     MAYOR  who said     “in this encounter the whole difference  was the equal possibility for each side to express his pain, knowing that this time somebody from the other side really listened.”  –

They are not trying to convince each other that their narrative is right, nor are they seeking a political solution. They have simply been asked to listen, to clarify the differences between how they grasp reality and how they see the other side. The participants offer us an insight into their inner world; they share their personal experiences along with historical and political interpretation to key events in the conflict: The Nakba, the Holocaust, Occupation, bereavement, suicide bombing, Israeli army, the separation wall etc.

The film was made by the Parents Circle Families Forum. “These people are strength itself. And hope and faith, against all odds”.


Speaker:  Ada Arghazarian is an Armenian Palestinian Christian from the old city of Jerusalem. Growing up through violence and military occupation, she has become an advocate for justice and peace in the holy land, with particular emphasis on conflict resolution and women’s rights.She has worked as the media and advocacy coordinator  for YWCA and served  on their world board of Directors.  She works now in film making, takes tours through the area and gives talks on the region.

Date:  Sunday -28th  Sept  5 pm – 8 pm

Place:  Avalon Baptist Church: 2  George St. Avalon

Free entry/Free supper  – donations suggested to Avalon Amnesty Group: 99186386 for info




Two Sided Story – the story


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